Pricing – B2B Case Studies

I reduce your stress and save your team countless hours by providing your sales team with case studies that give prospects the information they need to make a purchasing decision.

$1,300 per case study(Price for content only)
  • Case study strategy session
  • Review format/template 
  • Follow proven case study process 
  • Interview client’s account manager (background)
  • Develop customer interview questions 
  • Conduct customer interview (recorded, transcribed) 
  • Write case study content 
  • Incorporate two rounds of changes from client 
  • Incorporate two rounds of changes from client’s customer 
  • Proof final layout (customer handles layout) 

$2,200 per case study(content, plus design template and layout)
  • Text:
  • See Content only
  • Template:
  • Design template with your logos, colors, fonts etc
  • Two rounds of changes to template
  • Layout of first case study:
  • Flow text, pull quotes and images
  • Two rounds of changes to layout
  • Signoff