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Reduce your stress levels and save time by outsourcing to an experienced B2B case study writer and specialist. Kara tells prospects a great and credible story about the results their peers (your customers) achieved with your company.

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Why B2B Case Studies?

In a B2B case study, customers talk about their first-hand experience with your company and your products/services.

Here’s why prospects keep reading and believe what your customers are saying:

  • Quantifiable and anecdotal results are believable because they’re attributed to real companies and real people
  • Prospects can relate to the stories, insights and pain points your customers are sharing
  • Prospects identify with the solutions and results
  • Plain simple language is more believable than over-the-top claims and jargon

Kara’s case studies helped these marketers give prospects the information they needed to buy from their companies.

Matilda Sarah
Co-Founder + VP of Growth at @displayr
December 12, 2022, Matilda was Kara’s client
B2B case studies are crucial for prospects but can be daunting for customers and marketers. Kara made everything easy. Our customers loved talking to her, and she quickly and expertly whipped up a case study that made everyone involved feel proud. And she writes beautifully!

Rajesh Krishnan
Product Marketer Enabling B2B Growth @rfkrishnan
October 19, 2022, Rajesh was Kara’s client
Kara has become a go-to for case studies – comprehensive, clear, good work every time.

Carreen Schroeder
Content Development and Strategy
July 29, 2022, Kara was Carreen’s client
Hands down, Kara is a sincere pleasure to work with! As a consummate professional, Kara seamlessly manages B2B case study projects for my company, from initial interviews to project completion. With years of experience and expertise in creating polished, high-quality, exceptionally well-written B2B content, Kara’s case studies generate high-value leads and nurture prospects, demonstrating how each of her client’s products and services helps end users achieve their goals.

Paul Wright
President & CEO at GoEasyCare.
January 27, 2022, Paul was a client of Kara’s
I would highly recommend Kara to write case studies. We have used Kara multiple times to write case studies for our customers and she always goes above and beyond in her level of professionalism and quality. She handles the entire process for us from initial interview with our customer right through to completed case study. It saves us a lot of time, provides our customers with a professional process they are happy to support and delivers a product we would have a hard time matching. Thanks again Kara.

Kristen Ortwerth
CMO for B2B Software & Tech
March 9, 2019, Kristen was a client of Kara’s
Kara has worked on multiple case studies for us over the course of several years, and for each, she has shown a remarkable gift for grasping our technology solutions, the key benefits to our customers, and the return that they get on their investment. Kara is so much more than just a writer — she is a turnkey specialist who helps you from the get-go, lining up the customer interview, working through revisions, and getting final clearance for publication. I know that I can always turn to her and get an outstanding result!

Joan D. Miller
Marketing consultant for private equity, financial services, and professional services firms
December 13, 2021, Joan D. was a client of Kara’s
First and foremost, Kara is a delight to work with and truly understands what you want to get across in your case study. If you are working with a difficult internal client, so much the better. Kara is very professional — she gets the job done. And very well, I should add! She presents case studies in a compelling way. Joan Miller, formerly of RHR International

Desmond Liao
Marketing at MailChannels / B2B Marketing / SaaS Enthusiast
January 26, 2022, Desmond was a client of Kara’s
Kara worked with MailChannels on high-profile case study project with a tight timeline. She Interviewed our customer and wrote a case study that captured the spirit of their organization and the results achieved with our solution. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kara to other B2B companies looking for a content partner.

Timothy Pintar
Digital Marketing | Growth Marketer | B2B | Demand Generation | Health & Fitness Enthusiast
January 27, 2022, Kara was a client of Timothy’s
Knowledgeable. Timely. Friendly. Without a doubt, you can tell Kara cares deeply about her work. She will guide you though the process from beginning to end, take the time to understand your industry and has a dialed-in approach to delivering great tech oriented and branded content your buyers will care about. Thank Kara for all your help!

Rick Dunne
Specialized in helping plastics processors improve production efficiency & profitability through industry specific ERP
September 26, 2014, Rick was a client of Kara’s
We needed great content and wanted to showcase our company’s success through customers’ own experience and quantifiable benefits they attained. If you have similar needs then Kara @ Bizwrite b2bcasestudies is your solution. She is super professional and has really become an asset to our organization. More than simply a go-to resource, she is an extension of our public relations and marketing dept.

Mike Skrypnek
CEO & Founder, Grow Get Give Coaching. Catalyst. Entrepreneur Coach. Int’l #1 Bestselling Author. Keynote Speaker. Philanthropic Guide & Business Strategist.
October 30, 2014, Mike was a client of Kara’s
I have worked with Kara on a project that was both important to me and of critical service to people who need guidance in legacy giving. Her professional and insightful approach to this writing project helped pull together all the important information we needed to get it done. Working with Kara, I know things I share will be heard, Kara will work to understand my needs and effectively incorporate this into implementation. I recommend her to anyone who is interested in working with Kara.

Who will your prospects believe?

When your prospects want to know more about your products and services, who will they believe? Your sales team or your customers?

That’s a no-brainer – your customers!

Here’s why: Your customers are more objective than your sales team and their perspective is more relevant because it’s based on their experiences as real-life users.

As a result, I love interviewing your customers and telling their stories (and yours) in your B2B case studies.

And according to Demand Gen’s 2020 Content Preferences Study, B2B buyers increasingly look for credible “show-and-tell” experiences to drive their buying decisions:


engage with case studies during the buying process


emphasize the trustworthiness of the source


get more content from social/peers


use case studies for mid- and late-stage research


will register (provide their contact info) to access a case study


consider case studies the most valuable content for researching B2B purchases

Call Kara when icon

Call Kara when…

You’re not the only one facing these challenges—that’s why business leaders and marketing departments outsource their case studies to specialists like Kara.

Your sales team needs case studies because prospects are requesting case studies

You need to develop and write case studies but your marketing/content team is already stretched thin

You know you need an effective case study process but you don’t know where to start

You will add more value as a marketing leader and strategist than as a case study writer

You recognize a case study specialist will be more effective and efficient than a general content creator

You need someone to handle the endless case study follow-up and details (emails, texts, calls etc.)

Your customer(s) said yes to case study participation but your schedule is already jammed

You know case studies will help close sales


I reduce your stress and save your team countless hours by providing your sales team with case studies that give prospects the information they need to make a purchasing decision.


Your Content Goes Here


1,000 to 1,400 words (average 1,200 words)

  • Case study strategy session
  • Review format/template
  • Follow proven case study process
  • Interview client’s account manager (background)
  • Develop customer interview questions
  • Conduct customer interview (recorded, transcribed)
  • Write case study content
  • Incorporate two rounds of changes from client
  • Incorporate two rounds of changes from client’s customer
  • Proof final layout (customer handles layout)


Your Content Goes Here


1,200 to 1,400 words (average 1,200 words)

  • Case study strategy session
  • Follow proven case study process
  • Recommend and develop case study format and template ($275 one-time fee)
  • Manage template design
  • Interview client’s account manager (background)
  • Develop customer interview questions
  • Conduct customer interview (recorded, transcribed)
  • Write case study content
  • Incorporate two rounds of changes from my client
  • Layout approved text with images, logos etc. (supplied by customer/client, $75 per page)
  • Incorporate two rounds of changes from client’s customer
  • Manage layout to final proofread and signoff
  • Proof final layout

Simple 6-Step B2B Case Study Process


Strategy Session
Identify what you and your prospects need to see in a case study.


Account Manager Discussion
Discuss your customer’s needs, pain points, and result.


Customized Interview Questions
Interview questions are written and shared with the customer


Customer Interviews
Interviews are recorded and transcribed. On average, interviews run 30 to 60 minutes (every customer is a little different)


First Draft
Includes the headline, subheads, pull quotes and content (1,000 to 1,400 words)


Refinements & Export
Apply final reviews until approved, then exported as a Word or PDF document

Who are you meeting with?

Kara is the B2B case study writer you need to help your customers answer your prospects’ questions.

She knows how your customers and your prospects think because she’s interviewed thousands of people just like them when researching and writing everything from B2B case studies to magazine articles and more.

With 30+ years of experience as a content creator and business/trade journalist, Kara knows every customer has a great story to share. Kara can help you get customers to say YES to a case study and ensures your customer’s real-life pain points, personalities and results shine through – that’s what makes them believable and fun to read.

How much time do you save with Kara?

I help you save hundreds of hours when I write case studies for your sales and marketing teams.

Rely on me instead of handling your case studies in-house to get these benefits:

Your sales team needs case studies because prospects are requesting case studies

Quality case studies that are consistent (format, information, style, tone)

You get a step-by-step process that works

That process is applied to every case study

Customer stories that resonate with prospects

Satisfied customers that say YES to case studies

Appropriate format/template for case studies

Interview questions that reflect what matters most to prospects

Candid discussions about customers’ pain points and outcomes

Conversations about results and tangible, measurable benefits

Story-telling that engages prospects

Patience and persistence when it comes to follow-ups

Smart questions people like you have asked before outsourcing their case studies to a specialist like Kara.

It depends on how well your sales and marketing teams use the case study as much as the quality of the case study. If that case study languishes in a computer file, it’s NOT working for you. Use case studies at seminars, trade shows and conferences. Promote your case studies in blog posts, podcasts, social media posts and via press releases and newsletters. 

Make sure your sales team consistently references your case studies in email, text and phone conversations. Track the analytics to see which case studies get the most attention and take the appropriate action. USE your case studies and extend their reach or you’ve wasted your marketing budget. 

Prospects who read your case studies are short of time so the critical information must be at the top: 

  • Challenges
  • Solution
  • RESULTS (e.g. 30% drop in operating costs, 10% increase in profits, the 24-hour ROI)
Prospects can be skeptical so case studies keep it real with: 

  • customers’ company names and their employees’ actual names and titles
  • employees’ quotes and comments
  • anecdotes and examples

Make your case studies stand out on your web site! 

  1. Make case studies accessible in your main menu
  2. Make sure case studies have their own tab on your menu
  3. DO NOT HIDE them in Resources, Media, Testimonials, News, Press etc.

What can I do to keep my case studies top of mind? 

  • Talk about them on sales calls
  • Promote your case studies on social (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) and via newsletters, press releases, speeches, presentations, webinars and more
  • Ensure your sales team is equipped to use them with prospects

In most cases, we can’t get all of the relevant information into 500 to 700 words. Go much longer than 1,400 words and prospects are less likely to read your case studies – regardless of how compelling your content might be – because they simply don’t have the time.

Turnaround time is typically 5 to 10 working days – it depends on the client and their customer’s availability and response times as well as Kara’s previous commitments and schedule.

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! If your case study looks unprofessional or boring – prospects will barely glance at it – let alone read it. Design is critical! People see it before they read it.

  • CRISP, colorful logos and photos (ideally with people) 
  • Logical layout and flow 
  • White space, headlines, subheads, decks, and lists with bullets add visual interest and break up the text. 

Here are some samples.

  • Rewriting the case study after hiring a professional writer
  • Posting, publishing and sharing case studies with factual, grammar and spelling errors as well as typos
  • Featuring customers’ who haven’t used the product or service long enough to have achieved measurable, tangible results
  • Highlighting customers who do not reflect the type of prospects you would like to attract 
  • Using overly promotional language and making over-the-top claims that reduce the case studies’ credibility
  • Not including or making good use of quotes from customers
  • Poor quality photos and images (fuzzy, irrelevant, boring, ugly)

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