Case Studies Tell Prospects What They Need to Know Before Buying Your Products/Services

Before making a buying decision, Accenture reports 94% of B2B buyers do their own online research, which includes peer reviews, blogs and websites.

More than ever before, prospects want to know what their colleagues and peers think about your products and services based on their personal experience with them.

Think like your prospects. As a prospective buyer, who would you believe? Employees selling their companies’ products and services or real-life customers that have purchased and experienced the product/service? Most buyers will see your customers as peers and they’re more likely to believe them than a salesperson and generic marketing content.

Here’s why prospects believe what your customers say in case studies (success stories, peer reviews, customer testimonials):

  • customer names and websites show the customers are real companies
  • employees’ names and titles prove they actually said these things
  • customers’ challenges and pain points look a lot like your prospects’ problems
  • prospects relate to the stories your customers are sharing
  • statistics and numbers are factual and objective not subjective and intangible
  • plain simple language is more believable than over-the-top claims and jargon
  • professional writing and design

B2B case studies highlight:

  • your customer’s company to show how they resemble your target market
  • the business results achieved thanks to your products/services (lower costs, increased production, fewer rejects, better quality, customer satisfaction, employee retention, HACCP and BRC compliance etc)
  • the challenges and problems your products/services addressed
  • quick and easy implementation
  • effective, but minimal training required

In 2018, B2B buyers told Demand Gen what’s very important to them:

  • solving pain points/problems, features/functionality, deployment time/ease of use, pricing (71 – 77%)
  • reviews, experience, knowledge of their company, insights into their problems (62 – 65%)
  • case studies on vendors’ websites (62%)

Contact me today to talk about the B2B case studies your sales and marketing team need to give prospects believable answers to their questions about your products and services.

We wanted to showcase the quantifiable benefits our customers experienced after committing to our plastics-specific ERP solution. Kara uses her B2B case study writing and B2B journalism expertise to create credible,relevant, results-oriented B2B case studies.

Rick Dunne, Partner/Director, CyFrame