Why B2B Case Studies?

When your prospects want to know more about your products and services, who will they believe?

Your sales team or your customers?

That’s a no-brainer – your customers!

Here’s why: Your customers are more objective than your sales team and their perspective is more relevant because it’s based on their experiences as real-life users.

In a B2B case study, customers talk about their first-hand experience with your company and your products/services.

Prospects keep reading and believe what your customers are saying because:

  • Quantifiable and anecdotal results are attributed to real companies and real people
  • Prospects can relate to the stories, insights and pain points your customers are sharing
  • Prospects identify with the solutions and results
  • Plain simple language is more believable than over-the-top claims and jargon

And according to Demand Gen’s 2020 Content Preferences Study, B2B buyers increasingly look for credible “show-and-tell” experiences to drive their buying decisions:

  • 54% engage with case studies during the buying process
  • 51% emphasize the trustworthiness of the source
  • 39% get more content from social/peers
  • 40% and 39% use case studies for mid- and late-stage research
  • 31% will register (provide contact info) to access a case study
  • 29% consider case studies the most valuable content for researching B2B purchases