How do B2B case studies educate and influence B2B buyers to help close sales?

B2B case studies are essentially 10 to 15-paragraph peer reviews or customer testimonials that are all about how your products/services solved these customers’ pain points and challenges. Prospects believe what your customers say about your company, products and services in B2B case studies because they’re written like magazine articles. Use professional writers with journalism experience to conduct the interviews and write the case study text and they will tell a credible, real-life story using every-day language.

Demand Gen’s 2018 survey asked B2B buyers to rate the criteria they use to evaluate solution providers:

Very important/important:

  • solving pain points, features/functionality, deployment time/ease of use, pricing (71 – 77%)
  • peer reviews, experience, knowledge of their company, insights into their problems (62 – 65%)
  • case studies on vendors’ websites (62%)

That’s exactly what good B2B case studies do!

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Your sales reps and marketing collateral (i.e. websites and newsletters) need B2B case studies to close sales!

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B2B case studies are essentially peer reviews.

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