An effective, successful B2B case study that informs, educates and influences your prospects has to resonate with them by sharing compelling anecdotes as well as measurable facts and figures, all of which answer both their frequently-asked and unspoken questions.

Over the years, B2B case study writer Kara Kuryllowicz has leveraged her experience and expertise to hone a highly detailed, step-by-step process that is sure to deliver the best-possible B2B case study as seamlessly and easily as possible.

Work with Kara and she’ll ask you a series of strategic questions to figure out exactly what you really need from your B2B case study. She’ll rely on the information you share with her to help you determine the best B2B case study flat fee package for you and carefully explain the Add-Ons for Design & Layout as well as Sales & Marketing Collateral.

  • Once you commit to a B2B case study fee package with Kara, she’ll complete your first B2B case study, from creating the initial customer interview-question template to writing the informal, but informative note that explains the entire process to your customer.
  • Kara will liaise directly with your customer to determine their interview availability, then schedule and complete the interview. She’ll review the interview to select the most pertinent information, compelling quotes and relatable anecdotes in order to write the first draft, which she’ll send to you.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to make changes and provide feedback, then reassess the subsequent drafts in the lead-up to signoff. Once you’ve approved the B2B case study, Kara will share it with your customer for signoff or additional edits.
  • After the B2B case study has been approved by you and your customer, it goes to layout and the content may be repurposed in a range of agreed-upon sales and marketing collateral.

If you’d like additional information, check out Kara’s B2B case study process and the flat fee packages.

I’ve never worked with someone so passionate, creative, and determined. Kara helped the Ted Rogers School of Management develop a multi-page case study for the Ted Rogers Memorial Conference and our staff and students were highly pleased with her results. Reliable, easy to work with and committed to getting the job done.

Hussein Kermally, Group Head, Smart Solutions, Ryerson University (now with Telus)