10 Steps to an Effective B2B Case Study:

I know these 10 steps will result in an effective case study/success story/peer review because I’ve done thousands of interviews and written thousands of feature articles and case studies.

1 )We discuss what you want and need in a case study.
2 )I recommend a case study format and template based on your needs and my 30+ years of journalism, content and case study experience.
3 )I ask you why your client needed your products and services.
4 )I develop the interview questions I’ll ask your client using the background you just gave me.
5 )I schedule the phone interview with your client, then send them previous case studies and the interview questions to set expectations.
6 )I write the first draft of your case study/success story/peer review using my journalism and storytelling skills and experience.
7 )You receive the first draft for review and changes.
8 )I incorporate your feedback to get your signoff on the final draft.
9 )We use your graphic designer or mine to make the text look inviting with headlines, logos, images, lists and pull quotes. We send it to your client for their changes and/or signoff.
10 )You post the approved case study on your website. I also recommend you share it on LinkedIn, in a press release, magazine article, your newsletter and blog posts.

“Because Kara understands our business and appreciates the subtleties of corporate communications, she gets our messages across to internal and external stakeholders. She makes a point of delivering on our high expectations and tight deadlines.”