B2B Case Studies Close Sales

B2B Case Studies = Customer Testimonials = Sales

Your sales team needs B2B case studies because they’re essentially giant customer testimonials.

In B2B case studies, your customers explain exactly how your products and services addressed their pain points and challenges. They’re true stories that share your customers’ unique, relatable perspective on your company and its products/services.

B2B case studies highlight:

  • the challenges your products/services and industry knowledge and experience solved
  • the return on the investment (cost reduction, enhanced internal and external customer satisfaction)
  • ease, speed and effectiveness of deployment, implementation and training

In 2018, B2B buyers told Demand Gen what’s very important to them:

  • solving pain points, features/functionality, deployment time/ease of use, pricing (71 – 77%)
  • reviews, experience, knowledge of their company, insights into their problems (62 – 65%)
  • case studies on vendors’ websites (62%)

Evidently, B2B case studies give B2B purchasers exactly what they want:

B2B case studies address every one of those points, from the features/functionality to the overall experience. That’s why 62% of B2B purchasers ranked case studies as important on the vendors’ websites.

B2B case studies are believable because they:

  • share stories that are relevant to B2B buyers and prospects in similar industries
  • include the customer’s company name, location, a brief profile and even their website
  • use quotes that are attributed, with full name and official title, to customers’ key employees
  • share problems and pain points that B2B buyers and prospects in similar industries will relate to and recognize
  • provide statistics and data with hard numbers
  • rely on plain simple language and avoid over-the-top claims and jargon
  • they’re professionally written, designed and presented

Now that you know why your sales teams, web sites and newsletters need B2B case studies, let’s talk about developing effective case studies for your company.

We wanted to showcase the quantifiable benefits our customers experienced after committing to our plastics-specific ERP solution. Kara uses her B2B case study writing and B2B journalism expertise to create credible,relevant, results-oriented B2B case studies.

Rick Dunne, Partner/Director, CyFrame